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Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Durham, North Carolina?

Planning a Charter Bus Rental in Durham, North Carolina?

Visiting Durham on your own private Tobacco Road Tours charter bus is a great way to spend a day you’re your group. Durham is situated on the Eno River. The community was named after Dr. Bartlett Durham, landowner who granted right-of-way to the railroad. Filming for 1988 movie, “Bull Durham” and 1990 movie, “The Handmaid’s Tale” was shot here. Your charter bus will have so many choices to visit, such as Tour the Castle, Duke Chapel/Cathedral, Eno River State Park, Nasher Museum Of Art, North Carolina Museum of Life and Science.

If your group feels the need for a snack, your Tobacco Road Tours charter bus has stops like Parker & Otis, Full Steam Brewery for your group. If shopping is on your charter bus group’s agenda, your Tobacco Road Tours charter bus will take your gang to the Brightleaf Square. Then on the itinerary is the Duke Homestead State Historic Site. This will be one of the most interesting stops of Tobacco Road Tours Charter Bus for the group.

Tour The Mount Rouge Castle is a fun stop on your Tobacco Road Tours charter Bus for the charter group as it has an interesting history. The castle may well have looked like it existed for over 900 years, but it had to fight for its survival for all of that time. It has a diverse history. The work of local artist Robert Mihaly, the outsider’s castle sits at the end of a long mountain road past innocuous houses and trailers. The sculptor built the marble and cinder block structure to serve as his part-time studio and home. It is constructed in a mash-up of styles ranging from European-styled towers to fantastical Middle-East-inspired minarets and cupolas which are covered in copper. Unfortunately, while most of the exterior was completed, the interior was left unfinished after the death of Mihaly’s beloved wife. In Spring 2014, the artist started a Kickstarter to raise enough money to renovate the castle; however, as of September 2014, the castle remains in its state of abandoned disrepair.  

Another interesting stop on your Durham charter bus is at the Duke Chapel. The Chapel or Cathedral is large (by US standards) – not as big as York, Lincoln etc, but it solid looking due to its Gothic design. An interesting point on the building is the stonework of the central columns, which are nicely done in colored sandstone and with a little carved decoration. For anyone into classical architecture on your charter bus tour, this is paradise.

If your charter bus group feels the need to shop, Durham is the right town to be in. The Brightleaf Square is an idea place to shop. It’s quite big inside with the usual strange mixture of spices, books, fruits and clothes. Pick up some souvenir’s for the folks back home. If a little outdoor activity is in the cards for your charter bus group, take a stop at Eno River State Park where they can go canoeing, fishing, or have a picnic. Also among the stops of Durham Charter Bus is the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University at Campus Drive.

The tour by Tobacco Road Tours Charter Bus will not be complete until the charter group visits Cocoa Cinnamon on Gear Street which has the best coffees and desserts in Durham, they are well known for their fabulous selection of desserts. There was always a good mix of people, not just art students. Interesting & trendy new Durham focus is Gear Street. In the summer, the place mainly caters for tourists coming like your charter bus group. 

Next stop on your charter bus tour is a trip back in time from this world to the past in the form of a visit to the frame farmhouse which was the home of the Dukes, Washington Duke and his son James Buchanan Duke the family most responsible for the development of the southern tobacco industry after the Civil War. The visit to this site by Tobacco Road Tours charter bus includes a visit to tobacco factory and curing barn.

Your Durham charter bus will take the group every place in Durham that has a sense of history and old world charm. The group will never be bored as there is something for everyone on this trip.

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