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Student Curriculum Social Studies Walking Tour

TRT has modeled its Student Curriculum Social Studies Walking Tour around the State of North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study Curriculum. This key methodology ensures that your students will benefit from integrating State of North Carolina’s social studies curriculum along with our professional guides abilities to “bring History to life”, engage students and have FUN!

Click here for Fourth Grade North Carolina Geography and History Standard Course of Study or here Eighth Grade North Carolina: Creation And Development of the State.

The Student Curriculum Social Studies Walking Tour is a 75 minute; 1.5 mile professionally guided walking tour designed for students, teachers and chaperones seeking a high value, educational, enlightening and FUN experience.

This Student Curriculum Social Studies tour covers many of the objectives from the 4th and 8th grade text books used in North Carolina public school system.

Explore the lives and accomplishments of early North Carolina & Raleigh leaders. Discover the who, what, when, where and why of North Carolina’s & Raleigh’s existence from the 1780’s to current day. Groups meet on the Capitol Square lawn by the East entrance (near the Presidents memorial & fountain).

Participants step back in time while holding maps, photographs, engravings and original colonial documents! They discover, colonial Raleigh as it once was – a bustling government, education and retail city where legislators, civic leaders, merchants, & business created the fastest growing city in the state for decades. Discover hidden parks, gardens, and other delights while experiencing colorful history and distinctive architecture of Raleigh’s Government district. Step through history discovering historic monuments, fountains, and the earliest to modern skyscrapers.

Advanced reservations & ticket purchase required. Adults $15 and students (2nd Grade through 9th Grade) $10 each in groups of 15 or more. With each 15 students, one adult chaperone is FREE.

State of North Carolina Social Studies Curriculum

North Carolina students proceed from the study of individuals who make a difference in their communities and the world to a study of North Carolina. Students explore geographic regions, landforms, climate, and resources of the state. They learn about the state’s social, economic, and political institutions and how these institutions respond to the needs of North Carolinians. Students build a base of knowledge about economic principles and technological developments, about past experiences in the state and about present day practices. They study the land and its people analyzing the diverse groups that have contributed to the development of North Carolina beginning with the American Indians up to the revolutionary period. Additionally, students have the opportunity to draw parallels between contemporary issues and their historical origins.

Strands: Individual Development and Identity, Cultures and Diversity, Historical Perspectives, Geographic Relationships, Economics and Development, Global Connections, Technological Influences, Government and Active Citizenship.


Eighth grade students examine the roles of people, events, and issues in North Carolina history that have contributed to the unique character of the state today. Building on the fourth grade introduction, the time frame for this course emphasizes revolutionary to contemporary times. The organization is primarily chronological and reference is made to the key national phenomena that impacted North Carolina throughout these periods. Although the value and methods of historical study as a way of learning about people are stressed, key concepts of geography, civics, and economics are incorporated throughout the course for a fuller understanding of the significance of the people, events, and issues. Inherent to the study of North Carolina history is a continuing examination of local, state, and national government structures.

Strands: Geographic Relationships, Historic Perspectives, Economics and Development, Government and Active Citizenship, Global Connections, Technological Influences and Society, Individual Identity and Development, Cultures and Diversity

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